Who am I?

My name is Reyyan Demir.

I was born in Konya in 1981 and lived in Konya till I finished my high school. Then I moved Istanbul to have both Engineering and Executive MBA degree. I worked at international companies as sales and marketing manager in semiconductor, electronics, aviation, aerospace & defense industries covering EMEA, Middle & South Asia, Africa, and North America.

After quitting my position as Head of Sales in Germany in 2017, I decided to be a social mompreneur. I wanted to work for generating sustainable green business and contribute future for better environment and society.

Together with two other female entrepreneurs, we found our startup end of last year in Basel in Switzerland.

For more details about my career and business background, you can visit my Linkedin and Xing profile or check my business blog at globalaviationaerospace.com.

I am  a single mother and living with my boys together in Baden -Württemberg.I enjoy traveling to the countries I’ve  never been before, networking for business, discovering new perspective and mindsets, reading psychology and philosophy, listening old kinds of music, jazz and rock’n roll. I am an active driver and enjoy motorcycle riding. I also enjoy the water and air sports as well as any kind of adventures activities.