The I within Me is deeper than Myself!

One of the books I read had mentioned the difference between emotional and rational people.

Emotional people travel around the world to understand life while rational people need to understand the life first and then they travel.

This post is about my external journey around the world, I mentioned in earlier posts, which led to an internal understanding.

My journey began by exploring myself.  A new life, a new start, a new ME beyond than my esteem just like what Yunus said “The I within Me is deeper than Myself.”

I met to my mind, my heart, and my conscience and understood their existence and what they were for.

I felt enlightened by learning the difference between goodwill and desire.  Goodwill is lofty and deep while desire is swallow.  Goodwill is a positive consciousness while desire is a blind.

How does it affect our life?

When we have the goodwill, we create a positive energy in the universe to get our purpose. When we do our best to succeed, we don’t think the result. We don’t question ourselves if we can get it or not. We just let it go and see what happens

If we get it, we become happy. If we can’t get it, we don’t lose anything because we didn’t have it before. Our situation didn’t change compared to beginning. We are aware of the situation all the time.

When we have a desire, our strong and barely controllable ambitious makes us blind. Our mind becomes blocked, and our consciousness becomes prisoned. As soon as we get our desire, the happiness disappears, the reality comes out. It starts hurting and leaves us alone with our conscience. It creates hunger for happiness and pushes us to look for another desire. If we can’t get it, we get depression and anxiety. We feel inadequate; we question our self- esteem, which destroy our self-worth. It becomes deadlock in both ways.

What is the solution?

The solution is being aware of present. It is being of aware of orders and reasons in our existence. What I mean is to looking around and seeing the things beyond the appearance.

♣ It is the understanding the interconnection and interdependency of everything to everything else.

♣ It is the understanding the order and the stream we are flowing within together with everything else.

When we reach this level of understanding, the door to inner peace, mindfulness, and self-love opens.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Filippo Mursia says:

    I agree. We have to look first if what we have and not always having a new desire

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