Leidenschaft and Liebe kennen keine Vernunft!

Passion and Love don’t need a reason!

Are you fully satisfied fulfilled and completely happy in your life? How much do you enjoy your life, your work and yourself?

A 75-year study by Harvard University showed that a happy, healthy, successful and fulfilled life comes with a good relationship.

Today I want to write about this topic and touching a bit to love, passion and relationship. I light my candle and a new incense stick, and ready to begin.

I am living a single woman for 7 years now. When I came to Germany, I had a sales position and travelled 180 days in a year around Europe.  It means that  I had a life on the high way driving to the customers or in the airport waiting for my flights or visiting exhibitions. When I  had such an intensive travel schedule, I didn’t have time for a relationship. Actually, I didn’t feel that I need a relationship at all. I was doing pretty well alone and happy to decide everything about my life, my plans, my future independently. I was enjoying travelling, meeting new people, exploring new things every week. It was satisfying me so much that I never thought about having a good relationship could be so important.  I dated a couple of times and it was fun, enjoying and that was it. Nothing committed or long-lasting.

Last year when I decided to have my business, my perspective towards relationship also changed.  I spent more time with my kids and family. I travelled less and read more about life, happiness and long-lasting relationship.

Since a year I would like to have a partner in my life which we can have a committed long-lasting lovely relationship. I tried all possible ways to find the right match for me including online dating platforms, friends & family’s introductions, meeting people from my business network. I haven’t met the right person and true love so far.

You may ask :

What makes a person right for a relationship?

My answer is:

The right person doesn’t need to be the perfect person.

The right person is the one who loves our imperfections perfectly.

The right person fits us from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial point of you.

You may ask also:

Is true love real or does it exist?

My answer is:

Yes, definitely! I believe true love and long-lasting happy fulfilled relationship is possible.

Currently, I am not looking for anyone anymore. It is not because I gave up but because I have a different way of thinking now. I believe fate and the power of words and prays. I told to the universe that I want a fully committed long-lasting relationship and a partner in my life that matches me perfectly from physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial points and whom we love each others’ imperfections perfectly. I believe the universe and karma will do their job. Instead of searching, I am spending now my time to follow my passion and to make my dreams come true. We will cross somewhere on the way during my journey.

Since I believe true love and the importance of having a great relationship, I want to share my experiences and observation about love, people and relationship.

I am writing all this here to find new friends, to be able to have a good quality of talking about daily life and exchange and explore ideas and discover each other and ourselves together.

I  have a few close friends in the place where I live now and as a woman, we love talking and we need someone to make this activity.  🙂 Please feel free and comfortable to comment if you have similar or different opinions or experiences.

if you are wondering whether I am writing here to find love, I don’t believe virtual relationship. In virtual platforms something can begin as a feeling but developing, maintaining a communication and conclude it with a serious relationship requires a great amount of effort. People are getting lazy and prefer easy things even in a relationship.

On top of it, I see many people don’t even know which kind of person they want to have in their life, what qualities, character, the personality they are looking for. They have a lack of self-awareness. They just look for love and even don’t know how to understand if they are loved or they are in love or what kind of feeling they have.  Most people don’t love even themselves and expecting another person can love them as they are.

In Germany, the divorce rate is around 58%. I believe there is approx. 10% of married people who are separated but still officially married and another approx. 10% of people who are unhappily married and living like a friend in the same house instead of an emotionally connected couple. So it makes less than %10 of people who are happy and satisfied in their marriage.

The people who are looking for love and relationship seriously are mostly still in a relationship, either they are married or having a partner already in their life. They are not single or divorced.  They are looking for a person as a safe and secure port before jumping into a new relationship without finishing the former relationship.

The single and divorced people have more doubts, hesitation and fears to re-begin a relationship due to their own experience of break up or divorce. It is becoming more and more difficult when people feel so shy and scared to have broken heart once again so they don’t step into a committed relationship but they want to flirt forever and have a lovers’ life.

I sometimes have difficulty to believe if a man can still truly love a woman in modern times. They may be attracted by physically or emotionally but falling in love, deeply loving the other person, dreaming and planning future, committed to the relationship itself is getting beyond reality more and more.

People don’t want to be alone. They want to have some kind of physical and emotional closeness but not feeling secure and strong enough to begin a serious committed relationship.

Many people are looking for someone who is more meaningful that gives sense to their life.

Most of the people don’t discover themselves until it’s late and they have no choice but to move on with the choices they have made in their past. This is not a totally bad thing for some of them that can accept the situation. At some point life takes over and dictates what you have to do: provide for the family and support your kids. If you have some time you will enjoy a beer/party with friends but next day you start over and you can’t leave your situation without some major damage to your existing life and the lives that are already depending on you.

You may lose hope that you’ll find a true love or the perfect half of your soul but if you abandon hope you abandon life. One should always try and work hard searching for what he/she desires. Nothing comes easy. People are spending hours on dating platforms trying to identify someone that at least has the potential to become what they looking for.

Perfection comes with compromise. There is no perfect relationship in this world. There is always a great understanding between the two souls. Each of the two knows what the other needs at a specific moment and are able to understand and give whatever the other needs. This can be: time, love, compassion, trust, a good word or even when they do not know exactly what to give, he/she knows how to be next to his/her partner to support him/her.

Everything starts with a sparkle. It begins with the physical attraction: that is the first trigger in a relationship. Afterwards, we decide if we move on or we stop. If the attraction is still on, the newly formed pair start thinking about their future, but it always involves love (at least in the early stages of the relationship). Love becomes later on respect but still love… but still a different kind of love. Once people are hurt, they tend to flirt forever until they find what they desire. They may never find it but it always worth trying.

Life is simple and needs to be looked through and enjoyed through the small opportunities it gives you. We should never forget though that we are always at the helm of our lives and we are in charge of it.

Have a peaceful night!

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