Menschen, die sich lieben, sagen tausend dinge, ohne zu sprechen!

People who love each other say a thousand things without speaking!

Today I would like to write about little things that make me happy in my daily life. If you are living far from your own country, family and friends like I do, you know how little things become so important to motivate ourselves and makes us grateful and help us to enjoy every moment in our life.

Here is the routine part of my life.

I wake up every day at 6:30 am and prepare breakfast for my kids. We become ready at 7:30 to drive to school.

Just before 8:00 am, I am in the office to begin my work. I work till 3:00 pm and leave the office to pick up my kids from school and we drive back home. I have a German course 3 days a week so after 5:00 pm I go to Friedrichshafen and take my course till 9:00 pm. It becomes 9:30 pm when I come. Kids are usually sleeping at that time. I eat a bit, have 20 min meditation  and work till after midnight.

At weekends my kids also wake up at 6:30 am on weekend. I begin working in the office on Saturdays till 14:00-15:00. Therefore my weekend begins Saturday afternoon.

Here is the enjoying part.

I love walking early in the morning 1-2 hours up to 8 km just before the sun rises on Sundays. It gives me a relaxing feeling to see nature awakening up and see things in their natural quiet way. You can realize there is a completely different life just before the sun rises. If I cannot walk early in the morning, I go for jogging just before sunset. It is also a nice time to enjoy forest and finding a hill to enjoy the beautiful colours when the sun says goodbye. If I have a chance to go hiking with my friends at weekends, I don’t miss any opportunity to enjoy mountains, lakes and hills.

Walking around a lake and on the hills in Austria

I enjoy having a big long breakfast with my kids, family and friends if they are around on Sundays. It gives me great pleasure to cook and prepare foods for the people I care about. Compared to a typical German breakfast, we have a richer breakfast table with tomatoes, cucumber, green salads, fried or baked potatoes in our menu.

I love spicy and foods from different cuisines and mostly Mediterranean cuisine. I find it fresh and healthy. I cook only at weekends unfortunately due to my full schedule during weekdays. When I have family and friends at my place, I love cooking for them from our Turkish cuisine.

For 2 years I have embraced more vegetarian lifestyle although I cook once or twice animal products for my kids. I love eating vegetables and fruits especially I find healthy to have superfoods in our daily nutrition list.  I also give great importance to have foods bio or organic origin. Since I had my childhood in the village and farmlands, I appreciate very much the natural foods from its own resources without any chemical and pesticide.

The taste and the smell of the organic products or the products I cultivate myself is so much different than the ones in the supermarket.  I buy bio or organic products for almost everything from food to detergent, shampoo and any kind of cleaning materials, cosmetics whatever is available. I have observed a very positive impact on my health after I began buying only bio-organic products. My motto is “Eat well, Live well”.

I have a big balcony with several flowers, vegetable and fruits I cultivate as a hobby for 2 years. It is so much pleasure to spend time in my balcony, seeing my flowers growth. It makes me so happy every morning when I see them from the window of my bedroom. I also have some more flowers inside my apartment which I show special care. Like most women, I am fond of flowers.

I enjoy listening to music very much. Unfortunately, I don’t have a skill for playing an instrument. I think music influences my emotions and motivation. I like listening to several different kinds of music based on I feel or how I want to feel. I enjoy blues, country, rock, metal, jazz, pops, oldies from 50-60-70-80 and 90s, romantic and loves music from past, timeless music, meditation and mystic kinds of music, instrumental and classical music mostly piano and violin as well as folk music. I also enjoy duets of different music types such as opera with pop. When I meet a new person, I ask them if they can suggest me some of timeless musicians or music  and I add them into my music lists. I have a power list including more than 1000 music which I listen during jogging.

Here is an album from Yanni I play together under candlelight with incense sticks burning when I write a post during nights. I like candles with and without smells in different soft colours. I also have different incense sticks which I burn at nights when I am working. They give the feeling of romance and peace.

I will add other little things that I enjoy every day when it comes to my mind time by time in this post

As you discover already, having a sensational day where all my senses are fulfilled give me motivation, pleasure and strength to overcome daily challenges and enjoy every moment while living in a foreign country alone.

I think for tonight this is all from me, have a beautiful weekend!


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