The I within Me is deeper than Myself!

One of the books I read had mentioned the difference between emotional and rational people. Emotional people travel around the world to understand life while rational people need to understand the life first and then they travel. This post is about my external journey around the world, I mentioned in earlier posts, which led to an internal understanding….

Jeden Tag ist ein Geschenk!

Jeder Tag, den wir gemeinsam mit dem geliebten Menschen erleben und teilen dürfen, ist ein ganzs besonders GLÜCK. Every day that we are allowed to experience and share together with the beloved one is special Happiness.

Leidenschaft and Liebe kennen keine Vernunft!

Passion and Love don’t need a reason! Are you fully satisfied fulfilled and completely happy in your life? How much do you enjoy your life, your work and yourself? A 75-year study by Harvard University showed that a happy, healthy, successful and fulfilled life comes with a good relationship. Today I want to write about…

Menschen, die sich lieben, sagen tausend dinge, ohne zu sprechen!

People who love each other say a thousand things without speaking! Today I would like to write about little things that make me happy in my daily life. If you are living far from your own country, family and friends like I do, you know how little things become so important to motivate ourselves and…

Ewig dein, ewig mein, ewig uns!

oh wie lieblich, oh wie lieblich sozusagen herzerquicklich, ist es doch für eine Gegend, wenn zwei Leute, die vermögend, ausserdem mit sich zufrieden, wenn nun diese, sag ich, ihre dazu nötigen Papiere sowie Haushaltssachen endlich mal in Ordnung machen und in Ehren und beizeiten hin zum Standesamte schreiten wie es denen, welche lieben, vom Gesetze…