Starting From The Finish!

I  was postponing to write posts for a while (actually more than a year) not because I have nothing to write but because many things and changes happened in my life and I didn’t know where to start and which things I should write about. I still don’t know. I just decided that it is time to pour down things that I was keeping long enough and let them go.

2017 was a special year in my life. I had to make big and important decisions and changes for me and my kids. I had problems at work to the extent that for the first time in my life my hairs started to become white. I entered hidden depression from February till mid summer. It was very hard times for me that I felt things were doing down deep without a chance to get better. You know when something starts going bad in our life, all possible bad things comes after and after hitting us. Since I experienced a similar situation in my past life, I had a bit experience to deal with it. I didn’t resist or confront the situations, I just let it go down more. At the end when we reach rock bottom, it will start going up. I usually ask myself: “What will be the next worse thing going to happen?” It was easy to say but hard to live it with it. It was just having the hope that it would go up. After 10 months going down, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel where my life changed its direction from down to up.

So what happened? I quit my job and broke up with my boyfriend. I decided to do my own business and gave myself a chance for future both in business and private. I found a business partner to invest my idea, and we founded our startup in Switzerland. I also started to look for a partner for my personal life. Comparison to business, finding a life partner is harder and takes longer. I still have hope to find the love of my life and make money from my hobby that I really enjoy doing with passion.

So what’s next?

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    Ciao, Filippo


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