How to Build a Lifetime Customer Relationship! – Part 6

differences between men and women

4 Steps to Win Best Partner (Customer or Supplier) Award in Your Relationship!

Do you want to be the best partner, best spouse, best lover?

What do you hope to accomplish?

Are you looking for a new lover or a new partner as an alternative of your current relationship, or changing in your relationship status or a sexual transformation in your life?

Most of the relationships, which fail, start as an alternative searching and end as a personal transformation. Forget it!

Your target has to start in the right kind. Change the kind, change the faith!

Transform by renewing your mind and your new self!

Would you like to make next relationship successful?

Not only what you do but also how you do it, matters a great deal!

Therefore here are the 4 steps to be best and win in your relationship:

  1. Be right person at first!

Making a clear decision about your expectation and defining your needs are crucial for loving committed relationship. Just like deciding what to be, where to go or how to achieve.

Starting to be the right person is the most important step!

This step includes choosing the right type of relationship, right time and right attitudes. It requires closeness, affection and a huge portion of intimate conversation.
HAPPINESS in relationship comes with a total of emotional, physical and mental fulfillment.

  • Do not start a relationship with wrong person- Never!
  • If you believe in your decision, like believing a vision, then do your best to establish intimacy and recreational companionship BEFORE you start having a serious relationship.
  • Be honest and open about yourself, your needs and your desires till both of you are ready – but keep the balance not to lose time and attraction for each other.
  • Forget about thinking future and the status of your relationship–keep your focus short and make it fun as much as possible!

Be yourself!

Be loyal!

Finally keep in mind that even before you start your relationship, you can do everything wrong and have a great relationship at the end.  Love is a mystery!

  1. Commit to your relationship!

How do you make relationship work and fulfilled? How do you achieve all those desires you set for yourself?

Commitment is all about your story. No one will find a loser attractive!

Happy couples tell stories!

Happy couples enforce not only a high level of commitment for each other but also put effort in creating intimate conversation, affectionate and friendship.

A great couple is about giving and taking happiness and pleasure.

  • Celebrate important dates (birthday, anniversary, special dates) as often you can, as much you can, as big you can!
  • Happy couples have willingness to overachieve, to stay longer together and work harder for their relationship. They manage obstacles as steps to hold each other stronger.
  • Stay focused – stay committed – stay emotional!

Show grace under pressure, stick to your promises, share every possible moment!

Give your partner the best gifts you can: YOUR TIME!

Work harder on your love life than you do on your career, your whole life will improve when your love life improves.

And let him always be in charge and have the control! This is the secret!

  1. Keep asking and listen for learning!
  • Why not talking to each other  half an hour  with undivided attention?
  • Why not changing the communication way if it is not working?
  • Why not arrange a day off for two of you in the last minute to surprise?
  • Why not stop arguing and start loving?
  • Why not being open to try new things?
  • Why not being a little crazy instead of rational all the time?

Learn how to play games, be best gamer!

Slow the man down, speed the woman up!

Always remind yourself: Great pleasure comes with variation!

Let’s communicate intimately and closely everywhere!

  1. Strive together for better!

Believe in yourself, your partner and your relationship!

Be a great role model for your partner!

Be close to each other mentally, physically and emotionally!

Be open and honest to each other!

Leave space for your imagination, want more!

Stop thinking, start enjoying!


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