How to Build a Lifetime Customer Relationship! – Part 4


In my previous post  I shared my ideas  how to be a good supplier to  attract your only customer.

This post is only about me . I write what kind of customer I am as a woman.

I share share my needs, feelings and my thoughts about myself, men and relationships.

I want to have a fulfilling, harmonious relationship with my partner, one that isn’t quite so hard or confusing. This will give you the wild idea that understanding me and generally women might actually be possible.

You can use this knowledge to improve your own relationship with your girlfriend, partner or wife. Although every woman is unique and special in her terms, we have similarities as well.

What do I  want in my life as a woman?

  • I want to be successful in my career and in my job.
  • I want to be independent and free in terms of financially.
  • I want to develop myself physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • I want to discover the earth, travel around the world and embrace our differences as human.
  • I want a partner to share my life, create happy and unforgettable moments together.
  • I want to have loving committed relationship.

What do I need in my life as a woman ?

  • I need to feel safe, secure, and comfortable. I need sharing my life with my family, friends and the people I love.
  • I need being loved, being cared, feeling special.
  • I need to feel like a feminine woman in my personal like.
  • I need honest and open communication.
  • I need help for my house chores especially things requires physical strength.
  • I need help to practise my foreign language to be fluent.
  • I need someone to show me the directions to go when I feel confused or feel lost in life.
  • I need someone to lift me up when I am close to fall.
  • I need someone to believe in me more than I believe in myself when I lose my self-confidence.
  • I need someone to challenge me positively  to push me out of my comfort zone so that I can develop and expand my limits.
  • I need someone who supports me emotionally mentally physically in my life that I never feel alone.

50 Most Desirable Qualities of An Ideal Supplier and Customer 

Every woman and every man is unique.

I share here my own preferences

“Required” means my partner  should have this quality.

“Nice” means it would be very nice if my partner has it but it is not mandatory for me.

“NA” means I don’t desire or look at this quality in my decision for my partner.

27 Most Commonly Desired Traits

  1. Chemistry: feeling deeply in love with and attracted to the partner. Required
  2. Communication: someone good at both talking and listening. Required
  3. Sense of Humor: someone sharp who can enjoy the humorous side of life. Required
  4. Verbal Intimacy: a partner who shares his or her deepest emotional thoughts and desires. Nice 
  5. Emotionally Health: a partner who is emotionally healthy and able to share a stable life with someone else. Required. I actually look for emotionally mature partner.
  6. Strong Character: a partner who is honest and strong enough to do the right thing. Required
  7. Artistic: a partner who has a passion for music, literature, drama, art, and the finer things in life, either as a spectator or participant. Nice 
  8. Kindness: a partner who is gentle and kind. Nice
  9. Educated: someone whose educational achievements are of a similar level. Nice
  10. Organized: a partner who values structure in his or her life. Required
  11. Exciting: someone who isn’t afraid to take a risk and who sees life as an adventure. Nice
  12. Patient: someone who can handle life’s frustrations or momentary setbacks with a patient, steady demeanor. Nice
  13. Tolerant: a partner able to hear and appreciate divergent viewpoints. Nice
  14. Conflict Resolver: a partner who will work to resolve rather than win arguments or conflicts within our relationship. Nice
  15. Attractive: a partner considered “attractive” by most current standards. NA
  16. Personal Habits: a partner who maintains high standards of personal hygiene, orderliness, and other personal habits. Nice
  17. Affectionate: someone comfortable giving and receiving affection. Required
  18. Industrious: someone willing to work hard at whatever they do. Nice
  19. Energy Level: someone whose energy level matches my own. Nice
  20. Emotionally Generous: a partner who enjoys people and is generous with his or her compassion, attention, sympathies, and love. Required
  21. Intellectual: a partner who is bright and can share an understanding of the world as well as enjoy discussing important issues. Nice
  22. Self-Confident: a partner who knows and believes in himself or herself throughout life’s ups and downs. Required
  23. Unassuming: someone able to accept criticism and even admit to being wrong sometimes. Required
  24. Able to Accept Help: a partner willing to accept outside help for personal or relationship issues that are serious and important. Nice
  25. Curious: a partner hungry for new information and knowledge, and who strives to learn as much as possible. Nice
  26. Loyal: someone who can be counted on – to be supportive and on the same side. Required
  27. Adaptable: a partner able to adapt to life’s surprises. Required

5 Most Commonly Desired Values

  1. Family Life: a partner committed to home, and family. Required
  2. Shared Interests: someone willing to share my interests and passions. Nice
  3. Style and Appearance: someone who cares about the way they look and dress and has a sense of personal style. Nice
  4. Shared Politics: someone with the same or similar political beliefs. NA
  5. Spirit of Volunteerism: a partner who shares a willingness to volunteer and support community and/or social causes. Nice

5 Most Common Preferences Regarding Family

  1. No Children: someone who shares a desire not to have children. NA
  2. Family: someone who shares a desire to have or adopt children. Nice
  3. Stepchildren: someone who will accept their partner’s children as his or her own. Required
  4. Parenting Style: someone who shares views about how to raise children. Required
  5. Parent Care: someone willing to help me take care of (their and/or) their partner’s parents, now or when the time comes. Required

3 Most Common Preferences Regarding Social Living

  1. Staying In: a partner who mainly enjoys staying in together and having quiet evenings alone or with close friends. Nice
  2. Sociability: a partner who loves to socialize with lots of different people. Nice
  3. Autonomy: a partner who will give enough space to for a partner to be their own person. Required

3 Most Common Preferences Regarding Spirituality

  1. Spirituality: someone with a similar deep commitment to spirituality and who shares my beliefs. NA
  2. Religious Practice: a partner committed to being an active member of a church, temple, or congregation. NA
  3. Spiritual Acceptance: a partner who accepts and respects my spiritual beliefs, whether he or she shares them or not. Required

3 Most Common Preferences Regarding Career and Finances

  1. Responsible: a partner who is financially responsible. Required
  2. Ambitious: a partner who shares desires to achieve high financial and/or career goals. NA
  3. Relaxed: a partner able to forget about money and focus on the important parts of life. Nice

4 Most Common Preferences Regarding Sexuality

  1. Abstinent: a spouse who has saved himself or herself sexually for marriage. NA
  2. Conservative: someone reserved and traditional in his or her sexual needs. NA
  3. Sexually Knowledgeable: someone mature and knowledgeable as a potential sexual partner and able to express himself or herself freely. Required
  4. Passionate: someone willing to explore mutual sexual desires with passion and understanding. Required

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