How to Build a Lifetime Customer Relationship! – Part 1

Long lasting relationship
Long lasting relationship

In  this post series I write about building long lasting relationship with our customer, increase customer satisfaction and how to win best supplier award.

I want to change your perspective by showing you the possibilities to apply business skills to develop better personal relationship with your partner or spouse.

Many people are very successful in business life but fail in love relationship and don’t know why it happens. Business relationship is not different than personal relationship. Both depend on human factor and require the same skills.

I am working in sales more than 10 years and enjoy serving to my customers in business. I realized that our customer (partner, spouse) at home behaves and expects similarly to our customer at work.

Here in the following posts, I will share my understanding what a relationship means for me, what the requirements are, how it starts, how it develops, why it ends from a sales perspective.

Let me first give you the definition of key elements in a relationship.

 Relationship: Here I write about only inter-gender relationship. A relationship means a loving committed relationship between a man and a woman.

If we are working in a company and a have a professional job, our relationship with our partner is our “The Second Job”. It is a real job and it requires the same level of focus, attention, care, time, money and personal effort to be successful within and have physical, emotional and mental satisfaction with our partner.

There is a 75-year-old research made by Harvard University, proving that fulfilling long life depends on happy and healthy relationship. Click here to watch the study from TED talks.

When we have a happy satisfying life with our partner, our work life also gets better. Simply “Happy wife (or partner), happy life.”

Customer: Customer here covers your life partner, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Whatever we call him/her, our customer is our partner who shares our life with us.

Supplier: We, as the other partner, are the suppliers.

Relationship is two-way partnership. Every partner is both a supplier and a customer.

For our needs, we become a customer and expect our partner to supply and meet our needs as our single source.

We act as a supplier to provide our support to meet our partner’s needs since they become our customer.

 Contract: The commitment to start a relationship, marriage, or engagement, any promise made by heart not necessarily on paper is a contract in our relationship framework.

Product & Services: We as a single person, our body, mind, soul, personality, character, attitudes, behaviors, life perspective, intelligence, our love, interest, attention, care, who we are, what we do and can do are altogether are products and services we offer to our partner.

Marketing: All kind of promoting activities to show us as preferred supplier. In our framework all marketing activities are evaluated under “Dating”.

Business Development: Business development covers all activities to initiate and develop first relationship with potential leads till we decide our life partner among them. “Leads” refer the people that we are dating or have interest to learn more about them.

Sales: Making a sales means we decide to be the supplier of a potential lead and want to have him/her as our customer. He/she should also agree to be our customer and our supplier at the same time to start a lifetime relationship.

Project Management: Projects can be different. Deciding to have a child is a project and growing the child up together is the project management. Founding a business together, traveling together, moving another city or country can be project samples. A project has mutual agreement and motivation to initiate and complete.

Customer (Partner) Relationship Management (PRM): PRM is all about taking care of our relationship with our partner to make it better, happier, more fulfilling. The target of PRM is to be best supplier of each other, to provide the best service (support, kindness, understanding, love, respect etc) and to have an inner motivation to be best of us for our relationship.

It is the leadership of “Giving and Receiving Pleasure”. Here I mean emotional physical and intellectual pleasure and happiness we give to our partner and receive from him/her.

In the next part, I will write about why we need and look for a customer.

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