What is life and where are you?

What is life ?

Is it a mathematical equation where we explain everything with numbers and values? or

Is it a poem where we find harmony and rhythm?


Is it a long process where our brains develop and evolve? or

Is it a celebration of becoming mature with our heart and soul?


Is life a question or an answer?


I believe every question has its answer within.

You are spending too much time to look for answers outside whereas it is actually within yourself.

Rumi says “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop.”


You are the ocean, you are the world, you are the real universe worth to be discovered!

You are unique, you are matchless in the way you are.

You are the most beautiful, the sweatiest, the cutest, the most handsome as you are.

It is not about how you look; it is about how you believe, how you feel about yourself.


You were forced to be rational, repressed to be logical, to make sense,

You ignored  your feelings.

You closed the volume of your inner voice.

You lost the connection with your inner self.

You became a member of a society where people feel insecure, unconfident, helpless, frustrated  as if you all forget happiness somewhere you don’t remember.

You are not unhappy but you lost your hope that you can be happy.

You are not tired of life but tired because of the masks you wear at home, at work , anywhere.


Life is a flower, which blooms between past and future. You can smell it only in the present moment.

You can have a life only if you live your own not others.

It is not how you start or end your life but when you start living it with your senses and awareness that matters.

The question is not how to be happy but how to be transformed into happiness.

The answer is to live the life with its reality as well as harmony, with awareness of being at present .

Be quite and give up the control!

Find your inner voice, wake up the child inside!

Join the flow of life , follow up nature!

You will find your own miracle just over here!

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