Best ways to connect each other!

How to connect each other better!
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Last week a close friend of mine told me that there are so many people who are trying to connect to me but they couldn’t. It was quite surprising to hear this feedback because I like engaging with people and I like to be reachable and approachable. It seems that there are things that prevent people to reach and to talk to me.

I dedicated this post to the people(you can be from work, from my customers,from my suppliers, my neighbor or people who are interested in me from other country or other side of the world) who wants to reach me, talk to me, know more about me for personal or business reasons.

The easiest way to find out me is just google my name. You can see all my social accounts, business and personal blogs, my publications and projects in the search list.
You can find personal details  in the About me  on the top menu and check my business background at my xing and linkedin profile.

If you want to talk to me, here are a few  ways you can use:

First of all, here is my contact details:

Work: , +49 160 547 7861

Personal:, +49 160 547 7861

I always open the phone unless I am in a meeting or driving my car. I call back if I am unable to open your call. Please send me an sms or leave a message so that I can know who wants to talk.

Everyday except during my travels, I am available between 9:00-9:30 in the morning when there is a breakfast break in the company . If you are working in the same company, you can find me in market place or join me for a coffee in market place  if you like, I am going to pay with pleasure. You can also call me during these break if you are outside of company.


You can join me for our international lunch at 12:00-13:00 that I  and my close colleagues organize every week on Thursday or Friday at the market place.

If you are outside of company, you can call me at these breaks or after 7:00 pm. Since I am not German, I will be pleased to open any call who tries to reach me.

You can write me email, in 3 days I answer your email.

As long as I am available in the office, you are welcome to visit me in the innovation factory in Igersheim.

Before I travel, I usually publish the cities and countries I will visit in Linkedin. If you want to meet me, I can arrange some time to meet during my travels.

I prefer to meet face to face or at least to talk on the phone. I don’t enjoy communicating by using emails and  chat programs  while we have better ways to communicate. Just call me if you have something to say or share.

If you know any other ways to be more open for connecting to people,  please feel comfortable to suggest me!

Warmest regards





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