Perfect Timing: A Girl Under the Wave!

Perfect Timing Girl under water

It became 7 months that I have been in Germany. It is easy to say and hard to believe. So far so great!

A couple of weeks ago, my boss asked me if I regret to come to Germany. I said this is the second best decision I have ever made in my life.  I am definitely enjoying and satisfied with my decision to move here, doing a job that I am feeling passion and living  peacefully  in this natural and slow paced country side. My move to Germany  has been challenging and ambitious journey and almost completed.

So I asked  myself “So now what ?” I thought there is a perfect timing to do something great! It is just now!

In business life I am result-oriented. I usually don’t pay attention  to the processes involved but focus on what is my target, what I need to achieve and if it is completed successfully or not.
The life in business is  like a highway that everybody  drives to see the finish line at the end. There is a competition between cars on the left line and if I want to be among the winners, I should drive fast while being careful to avoid accidents. I can see only the road and other cars, nothing else. Everything seems Fast and Furious. I realized that I am missing single but important moments  what is happening around me.

On the contrary I like being very much process oriented in my private life. Life is a journey at Route 66. It is driving for pleasure while enjoying the scenes and complete panorama I am passing by. I can feel the smell the flowers and pine , the touch of wing while chatting with my friends next to me. All of the senses are intense. That is actually the way I feel I am alive.

Then  2 weeks ago suddenly on my way a bulb lighted on my head. I found out what is going to be the next big thing in my life!

Every morning when I am going to work, I am passing through small villages at the speed of 50km. During last 6 month I have become witness of how nature is awakening itself from winter to the spring. Everything looked so dull and dark and suddenly in 3 weeks time it become so living and  colorful. It was so magical to discover what is happening at nature while driving slowly.

Now I needed a new journey which combines slow paced driving for business and pleasure . The journey should have wider scope, longer period, yet be mind challenging. No competition No finish line but Discovery of present moments to enjoy.
I want to be global person. I would like to have multi window perspective to the life  from west to east, north to south. I’d like to deepen all my senses for new tastes and smells, new languages and new musics. Then these new experiences can make me real citizen of world who can see the big picture and understand the others’ mind and show them empathy. I should be there, at different part of the world!

I am happy to announce one of my biggest dream-a world tour starting from my 35th birthday party in July. It will be my birthday gift to myself.

This tour will cover 5 continents starting from Latin America, Australia, Asia, North America and Africa. My first plan is to visit  30+ countries in 210 days. I will have min 10 routes  to take. Each route will take min 7 days up to 20 days to complete. It will be backpack traveling.There will be  no luxury. I want to cook myself  from local markets and try every possible new tastes. I will travel by train and bus inside the countries and engage with local people as much as possible. My primary objective is to discover the world, the world of other people within this world and experience my own self discovery.

My 1st route will be through Peru,Bolivia,Chile,Argentina,Uruguay,Paraguay and Brazil.
2nd tour will be Australia and New Zealand.
3rd one will be Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia.
4th one will be India, Sri Lanka and Maldives.
5th one will be Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines.
6th one will be South Korea and Japan.
7th one will be West  USA from North to South by car.
8th one will be Canada and East USA.
9th one will be Mexıco, Cuba and Dominican Republic.
10th one will be South Africa, Madagascar and Tanzania.
11th route is backup for other options 🙂

I believe it will require at least one year planing, budget arrangements and reading all about each country. Instead of going there  like a tourist, I want to learn the real life of people as well as business culture before going there and do as much as observation during my travel.

It will be a single journey, I will be myself mostly unless my friends join me for some routes.I will publish the travel times when I finish planning.

When I had my Europe tour which took 18 days, I ended up 13 business meeting, 3 job interviews, 2 job offers and landed my current job. I am feeling very much excited about the result of my 5 year world journey at the end. Who knows? I am looking forward to starting!

I will be glad to hear from your experiences! Please  feel free to share  your opinions for alternative routes, countries I should visit, best times for travels etc.

Every journey begins  with one step! I took my first step to make my biggest dream come true today .Now  it is your turn!

Wish you fabulous week!

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