First Kick Off: 5 continents, 30+ Countries in 210 days

Reinefjorden Norway Tomasz Furmanek

I have decided to give myself a birthday present for my 40th  birthday party.

One of my biggest dream was to travel around the world and discover how much beautiful and mysterious it was. Today I am so much happy to kick off my biggest project and dream of my life.

I have taken first step of planning my world tour which includes exploring 5 continents, 30+ countries in 210 days. It took a week to decide where to start in the beginning and also seemed impossible but with some help of a close friend of mine , I decided to start my journey at Latin America.
Latin America seemed  to me  one of the exotic and mystic ground. I grow up the cartoon of Esteban’s  journey, and stories of golden city, history of Inca, Astec, Olmec, and Maya. I will share more information about the route and places I want to visit and the time frame soon. I will be happy and open to have some suggestions the must visit places, must taste foods and must join activities. Feel free to write me!

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  1. Filippo says:

    Good choice to start with Latin America. I suggest to start from Perù to visit Machu Pichu and Nazca.

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