Every journey starts with a single step!

Alone in the world by Elizabeth Gadd

It was more than year that I wrote my last post on my blog. I think I feel ready to start again.

What happened during this one year absence?

I started my new job in Germany and moved here last October with my family. It took 6 months to settle in and arrange everything. This new movement itself was a challenging journey which developed me  to step up a level in my life. During my movement and my business travels I realized that world is so beautiful and waiting to be discovered.

Here in this blog I will talk about my new life as an expat in a German village in South Germany, what life looks like here, culture, people, traditions, relationships, everything you may wonder about German culture.

I also would like to share my new goals and plans for future, new challenges I am preparing to take, my new mindset, the books I am reading, the way of way I am seeing the world now and everything else about my life.

In the beginning I prepared this blog for my personal brand and to support my career activities. From now on It will be just personal,nothing to do with work and business but mostly about the lessons from life I took so far.

The biggest journey I took was to discover my inner self last year. In the beginning of this year, I think I had great progress after having a heart attack  and realized what is important in my life, what I live for, what I really want from life. I changed my orientation to a different way compared to the way I was following so far. I have  bigger meaningful purposes which welcomes people, difference, life and challenges warmer and friendly.

This year’s  topics  that are shaping my current self, that  I am learning and reading are : self awareness, finding our authentic self, mindfulness, finding joy, peace  and genuine happiness, letting things and results go, loving ourselves and others unconditionally , showing compassion and affection to others, being and living simple, moving adolescence to being adult in mind, inter-gender understanding and gratitude.

I am feeling  happy and grateful for my life, my family and my job.  I am feeling ready to start a new chapter. Let’s go!


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