Let’s talk about Business in Middle East, Turkey, Gulf Countries and Turkish Republics

New year brought some new projects together with opportunities as well as challenges.

There is a chaos environment in the area due to the political issues.

The look is disturbing and can be threatening for many people but not those who act like wolves.

We have an expression in Turkish  saying “Kurtlar puslu havaları sever”  which is similar to “wolves love misty weather“.

Wolves  are very creative in using the opportunities of the environment for their benefits and changing conditions to an advantage.

I am going to share a series of posts about business opportunities, covering following areas here below.

Geographical Area : Turkey, Middle East, GCC Countries (Gulf Area), Turkish Republics, and Far East.

Industries: General and Business Aviation, MRO, Aerospace,Aircraft Manufacturing and Defense.

Business Subjects: New private or government projects, tenders, aviation-aerospace market insights, competition, sales and biz development opportunities, suppliers ,clients, business needs in the market, new investments, technology and manufacturing capabilities of local players, long term strategic plans, tips and tricks in closing deals…

If you find posts interesting, feel free to contact me  to have more discussions.

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